Best Bets – Oct 3 2018

NHL’s Opening Night 2018-19 Season
October 3, 2018
William Nylander is Too Pretty to Be Taken Seriously
October 4, 2018

Best Bets – Oct 3 2018

Opening night means everyone will have the jitters! It also means for bettors that anything goes and that the games can go any way tonight. It’s exciting because Vegas might not have all the odds sorted out just yet, which means if you take our advice and put some money down on these bets, you might just walk away a winner!

Montreal vs. Toronto

This is a storied rivalry, but everyone knows the Leafs have the Hab’s number this year, no matter which way you look at it. With a supped up team and new power center, John Tavares on the ice, only magic can happen in Toronto on opening night. In front of all those fans, and hungry to get the season started, look for Toronto to easily walk all over the Canadiens in what should be a statement game.

Pick: Toronto wins, 6 plus goals


Boston vs. Washington

Washington after winning the Lord Stanley’s cup is definitely hungover, and even though they’re at home, hosting the mighty Bruins is not the best way to open up the new season, especially after all that celebrating. So with the Caps having nothing really to prove and Bruins visiting and ready to get this game going, Boston should bring it hard against the home team and pull off a win. Look for a close game with a one goal difference.

Pick: Boston, under 6 goals


Anaheim vs. San Jose

Erik Karlsson has just made it California and after the debacle that the Ottawa team was last year he is going to be ready to kick off this season with lots of enthusiasm and energy, shedding away all those bad vibes just like Joe Thornton’s beard! With a pumped up team, and lots of new players and skills added over the summer, this team will want to show off it’s new look and the Sharks will want to be fed. Ducks will be sitting targets if they don’t move their legs.

Pick:  San Jose, 6 plus goals



Good luck and wish you a fabulous season full of stacked bets!

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