NHL’s Opening Night 2018-19 Season

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August 30, 2018
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October 3, 2018

NHL’s Opening Night 2018-19 Season

Tonight is the night!

Nothing is better than waiting all summer for the NHL season to kick off! All those lazy days now traded in for fast paced excitement that only blades and sticks can provide.

This season is going to be an exciting one with so many teams having given themselves a makeover, by adding star players to their rosters through trades and free agency, or by giving their star rookies a chance. Whether it’s the Tavares signing or the Karlsson trade, it’s basically dominated the hockey world in the off-season. Theories and guesses aside, no matter what happens opening night is going to be exciting! With 5 games on the docket, we’ve decided to give you our inside tips on how to make the best bets on not only tonight’s action but all of this seasons’ offerings. So check in daily…

Let the games begin!

Lady Puck

A crazy hockey fan who was tired of all the hegemonic and male-centric views being proliferated in sports news, with almost no media outlets offering an alternative or queer perspective, I decided it was time to prove my love for hockey. So I created a site that was inclusive, and made a space for all voices, where hockey fans despite their background or identity, could enjoy the majestic sport freely, without bias or judgment. And get in a bet or two...

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