Female Gambling: Should Girls Bet on Sports?

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Female Gambling: Should Girls Bet on Sports?

three female friends watching a soccer game on tv and celebrating a goal

One of the dumbest things women ever hear during their lifetime, repeatedly, is that something is just ‘’not for girls” or ‘’not ladylike”. This is utter crap because everything can for everyone, especially for those who know how to appreciate the process, and know what they’re doing. Sports in general, but sports betting in particular, is one of those things that women get scraps on. So many women grow up playing hockey, knowing hockey and loving pro hockey, but so few female influencers are out there that we can look to and say, ‘yeah, she’s an expert’ because being a woman and being sports savvy is just not synonymous as it is with masculinity.

Betting on sports like hockey, means massive entertainment, edge-of-the-seat thrills, making money, and watching incredible athletes make magic on the ice. Why wouldn’t that be appealing to a woman? It’s 2018, yet the gender cliches are so tiring that even the betting world hasn’t recognized til lately that women are the biggest upcoming group of gamblers on Earth!

To be fair, there are women who like to bet but are just intimidated getting into a sport that they haven’t played before. But there are tons of men out there (and I’m not talking ‘gay’ men because lots of gay guys know their shit when it comes to gambling), who don’t have a clue about the major sports teams in their town and could care less.  So, newbies, yes it might be a little bit scary in the beginning, and the process of learning all the rules can seem tedious, but that’s where betting will inject some fun into the play and get your motivated. Taking a page from a veteran bettor’s playbook, you can place small bets at first to make the game draw you in more. Have a small get-together, invite a few friends, order a pizza, and engage in a little bit of online betting. The moment your team scores a winning goal that wins you some money or for your friends will be the moment you’ll understand why millions of people gather to watch and bet on sporting events every day.

  1. The Entertainment Value

Internet gambling provides women with multiple sources of entertainment. While some female gamblers will not appreciate the pure fact that they are watching Alexander Ovechkin, a 6’3′ guy with 235lbs skate gracefully across the rink and score from the top of the circle (his ‘office’), they might find the excitement in getting together with their friends to watch him lead his team to victory with exciting goals and fun ‘cellys‘. Even for those women gamblers that are not the social type, winning some money by choosing a team, or a tie, or making a prop-bet, is just simply entertaining.

As with every good entertainment, once you break the surface, you will start to know the players, their history, their struggles, what the team wants, what the coaches are talking about, and the overall temperature of the league. If you look back to last year’s winner of the Stanley Cup, you’ll know what’s to be expected. Televised hockey has as much drama as any reality TV program, although with the new rules in place the NHL probably has less violence than the latest housewives of whichever godforsaken city. Players have their beefs, and take it out in the hard checks and slashes they make, and of course the best revenge plot of any hockey story ends with many puck in the back of the net.

  1. The Thrill

It is a misconception that gambling addiction afflicts some people because of greed and love of money. No, it is the thrill you feel when you have something at stake. To be fair, the game itself is quite exciting, and there are usually quite a bit of twists and turns, and unexpected events, especially the further you go down the line and games start becoming important in the standings race. This thrill is actually even bigger when you are surrounded by friends, and depending on your personality it might be even better if your friends have made a bet against you. The motivation to beat them feels sublime when you actually rub their nose in it.

At the end of the game, the money you might win pales in comparison to the good time and excitement you will get from watching the game. Obviously, responsible gambling is advised, like with alcohol or marijuana usage, but the goal is for everyone to have a good time and doing it safely. Betting small amounts, as much as you would give to go see a movie, is an amount that ensures that you will leave a winner every time with lots of thrills to remember.

  1. The Money

Winning some green is always fun! (Or about a myriad of bright colors if you are living in Canada), but we won’t discriminate. Money is money, and while it might not be able to buy happiness, you will be able to wipe your tears with Andrew Jackson’s face, or go out and buy yourself something nice. Whether it is online casinos, land-based casinos, or just some internet gambling on televised sports, everybody likes winning money, no matter the amount. And it feels good to be right!

Internet gambling is probably the best way to do it, as you can place a bet from the comfort of your home and don’t have to deal with all the rules set by the gambling commission. But ladies, you can avoid those annoying looks that women get when loads of men are around as you walk into a betting place or look over the stats before you put in your bet. There are many forms of gambling, but gambling on sports is arguably the most interesting, as it is not random, and is happening as you watch. Most gambling sites will even provide you with live betting so that you can try to predict something only moments before it happens. These are called prop-bets. See if you can use your intuition to bring home a bit more money than you had when you began.

  1. The Camaraderie

The ability to gamble online has provided both men and women gamblers with an opportunity to make not only some money, but also have the perfect reason to stay in, cuddle with their partner, order take-out, and drink some wine or beer, in the comfort of their home. There’s nothing better than watching an exiting game with a group of your friends who are screaming at the television! The cliche that women would prefer to just watch ‘The Bachelor’ is pure evil, and proliferates the patriarchal mythology that anyone who’s not ‘masculine’ doesn’t know anything about athletics and sports. But what us ‘minorities and marginalized’ will realize is that we’re not alone in our hockey obsessions! Debate the tops goal with your friends over some weed or wine, but guaranteed people, you’ll never be bored.


It might be true that men and anyone who’s not a ‘man’ will approach gambling from a different perspectives, and if this mythology is to be trusted its would say that women tend to be more risk-averse and don’t make good gamblers, but don’t listen to this bull-shit! We’re all creatures that crave excitement and entertainment, we love drawing meaning from situations, and have passion to show for the team who’s wearing our colours! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Gay, straight, tall, short, from any religion or any sex, you’ll love being entertained, getting money, and bragging to your friends, because sports gambling is also for you. You can bet on it.

Mona is an hockey-obsessed superfan, who believes that hockey is for everyone and that people from all walks of life, from differing nationalities, ethnicities, and sexualities should have a safe and fun place to talk hockey and sports, make a bet or two. Hopefully, every minority not represented by or spoken to in the mainstream can feel like their voice is also being heard here!

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