Best Bets – Oct 15 2018

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October 14, 2018
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Best Bets – Oct 15 2018

There are a few good games on the tube tonight showcasing some great match ups and some probable lop-sided results. It’s the perfect night to score on a few well thought out bets, so let’s get to it, and look at the games that have the best potential to line to your pockets.

Detroit vs. Montreal

Shockingly, the Detroit Red Wings have not have a win yet, so guaranteed they will focusing on being smarter with the puck as they try to rebound tonight and win a game. The dismal start to the season after 5 games resounds with 0-3-2 record. For a proud organization with a storied past, and avid fans, this kind of start will just not do. On the road, it won’t be easy to go into the Hab’s house and rock it, but it’s exactly the bitter pill they need to swallow and man up, to get a win. Much worse off teams in the league, ranked lowly, have wins, so there is no excuse for Detroit to lose tonight.

They showed good work ethic against the Kings, and simply need to hold on to the puck longer if they want to put them in the back of the net. Montreal on the other hand is high on confidence doing better than everyone thought, by beating Pittsburgh and taking Toronto to overtime. So they will put up a good fight. Just what the Wings need to boost their confidence. Look for Dylan Larkin to put 2 points on the board and Montreal to put up a big donut!

Dallas vs. Ottawa

Ottawa had surprised many with what they’ve posted in the wins column. After such a controversial and tumultuous off season, everyone though they would not be able to get off to a solid start, but lo and behold, underestimating NHLers never pays off. Maybe having no expectation of any kind has contributed to the team looking better than the AHL-level roster some fans were expecting to see every night in the capital. But, this newly mixed bag team of new and old players, will be at home tonight, and hopefully in front of a sold out crowd. They might not have stars on their team but they should not miss Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin being in town, two superstars who have redefined the game and will be looking for their first road win.

This game should be wide open since these two team rarely meet and Dallas is flying out of the gate. They’ve got a really hot power play despite the mediocre penalty kill which the Sens can take advantage of. But the main difference between them will be goaltending. Dallas’ goalies have outperformed Craig Anderson, since Ottawa is giving up way too many shots (161 shots against through five games, 4th most in the league). Dallas goaltenders combined have faced only 117 shots, with Ben Bishop facing 92 shots for comparison. The thing to watch out for is that Dallas should not sleep on an Ottawa team that really has nothing to lose this season – and they might be motivated to flight back hard and prove t0 the league that they’re not an easy 2 points on the schedule.

Pick: Dallas wins, 6 plus goals


Minnesota vs. Nashville

You know when you just have a feeling that something is not going to go as expected? Well even though the Wild are not off to a good start, (especially after making an early exit from the playoffs last year in the first round), they’re coming off a close 5-4 home loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in overtime, which stung since they played really well and looked like a team in-sync. Their offense though is just not stable or predictable, with them scoring just two goals in their first two games, combined! But since, they’ve exploded and put up eight goals in their last two games. Tonight they’ll want to keep this up in Music city, but it will not be easy as Pekka Rinne is one of the best goalies in the business, and especially when he’s playing at home. The Wild’s record is not hot, they are 21st in the league in scoring at 2.5 gpg and 19th in goals allowed, giving up 3.25 gpg so far. They’ll have to play above their heads tonight.  On the home team being the Nashville Predators, they’re simply just a well-oiled machine, who led the league in points last year and will want to continue that trend this year. They’ve been the favorites in the Western Conference to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals for the past two years in a row, and so far, they already hold a convincing 4-1 record. Their only loss was a loss at home, 3-0, to the Calgary Flames, but then bounced back and won their next two games, and beat out the New York Islanders 5-2 in the last game. Yet still, this nagging feeling says that despite Nashville being strong on home ice (28-13 at home last year) , with a 2-1 record this year, we still think Minnesota just might walk away on a Monday night with a stolen win in their pocket.

Pick: Minnesota, 6 plus goals



Mona is an hockey-obsessed superfan, who believes that hockey is for everyone and that people from all walks of life, from differing nationalities, ethnicities, and sexualities should have a safe and fun place to talk hockey and sports, make a bet or two. Hopefully, every minority not represented by or spoken to in the mainstream can feel like their voice is also being heard here!

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