Why Every Gay Couple Should Start Betting on Hockey

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January 10, 2019
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January 17, 2019

Why Every Gay Couple Should Start Betting on Hockey

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Every relationship is complicated and requires work. If you have found that special someone and wish to maintain that relationship to the very end, both parties will need to put in some mental and physical effort. Regardless if you are a gay couple, a lesbian one, straight, or any combination in-between, this will always be the case.  There are multiple solutions on how to maintain the spark that has started the relationship, and sadly most people opt for traditional remedies such as spa treatments, which tend to become real old, real fast. That is why every gay couple should try out betting on sports, and there is no better place to start than betting on hockey.

Whether you are in a same-sex marriage or a committed relationship, you will need a joint activity that doesn’t waste a lot of time and could be adjusted to your daily schedule. Additionally, you will need something that has a lot of replay value, where sports are perfect as there is a different game going on every time, even when the same team is playing. Finally, both women and gay men can take a page from the straight man playbook and create a tradition of sorts that combines passion, rivalry, competition, camaraderie, as well as maybe getting some money on the side.

How to Bet on Hockey?

Becoming a hockey expert requires years of experience and flowing different teams through different types of competitions. On the other side, betting on hockey is easy and growing easier every day. Most people today place their bets online, as online betting houses offer the broadest range of games and the best possible rates and conditions. Check out our guide on how to bet on hockey here.

Additionally, there are sports bars where you can place your bets and watch the game while having a nice cold drink. In recent years there has been an increasing number of sports bars that are made explicitly with the LGBT community in mind, but even the ones who are not are usually quite inclusive and accommodating.

Sports Bars

This type of bar can usually be heard a block away when there is a big game on. While they can get crowded on these days, it is a good place for a relaxed night out. You can wear casual clothes and feel like you are at home with a nice pint of cold beer.

If you are the type of person that lets the atmosphere drive you, this is a perfect place to have a date, as sports bars only have one overarching emotion: excitement. Let your partner have the first bet and then bet against them. This session of positive screaming on each other will prevent any such yelling at home.

Online Betting

For those that prefer a cozy sofa or canapé, with a nice bottle of wine as the backdrop to their entertainment, they will want to bet online. You can place your bets in advance and use the evening to prepare snacks and drinks. While there is always the possibility of drinking your favorite, there is nothing better than hot sweet wine on a winter evening, watching hockey and eating pizza. Online sports betting allows you to imagine your night of entertainment in any way you like. Lounge like a Roman emperor, together with your significant other, while modern day gladiators fight for your amusement and bring you money.

3 Reasons Why Gay Couples Should Bet


  1. Sparking Passion

While some might take issue with the idea that they need some kind of a novelty to keep their relationship fresh, those that actually have conversations with their partner know that it is the quality of the time spent together that matters as much as quantity.

Betting on hockey is a good option as it is a type of entertainment that is highly adaptable to your needs. Regardless if your boyfriend is involved in hockey, or maybe a player of some different sport, you will be able to spend the night in something that you are both invested, because you literally are. Both of you can bet on the same team and cheer the athletes as they take the field, or you can pick opposite teams and enjoy teasing and pouting during the game, all in good fun.


  1. Creating a Joint Activity

The good thing about hockey is that there are games playing all year, both during the regular season, or playoffs, or international competitions like the Olympic Games. There is a game being played every week, and if you want you can make it tradition to watch games on Saturday evenings. These events can be an opening to a bigger night out or a very good night in.

A good thing about betting on hockey online is that it is completely up to you if you and your partner want to become members of the sports enthusiast community or not. It is your chance to be involved in sport with your partner and him alone, or with more people that can all work their energies off each other. What online betting will give you is that initial thrill and expectation if your team will win or not, the rest you will make completely your own.


  1. Fostering Communication

It is regretful that most people in the LGBT communities that have been raised in traditional homes sometimes have a bad experience with people watching sports, because it has closed us to one of the better ways how straight men foster communication, by commenting sports.

Once you are sitting every Saturday with your partner and either cheering a team on or watching for a specific player, you will start talking about deeper subjects, such as values. Watching teamwork done by other people may reinforce the teamwork in your little family unit. You may quickly find that, as is for many others, the puck in the goal is just a catalyst for discussing values, ideas, and thoughts openly.


At the end of the day…

Hockey is a fun game. It is both fun to play and fun to watch, and if you have some money put down you will be more than invested in seeing your team go for that win. In the best case scenario, you will get much more than just the thrill itself. You may enjoy a deeper and more meaningful connection with your partner.

And, if you are already the perfect couple, you will be spending good time with each other, doing a fun activity that you are certain to enjoy.



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