Female Football Betting: Why Women Should Bet on the NFL?

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January 28, 2019
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Female Football Betting: Why Women Should Bet on the NFL?

Tom Brady Super Bowl LIII

With unmissable Super Bowl LIII coming up this weekend, showcasing the Patriots and the Rams squaring off, it is very strange that society somehow concluded that, watching football was dominantly and solely a male or masculine activity. For some ridiculous reason, there is this idea that women shouldn’t be making money betting on the NHL and that female football betting is somehow not ladylike. Watching strong, tall, fit, burly men, in colorful clothing, battling each other for fame and fortune is the most ladylike activity anyone could imagine. Hark back to Gladiators of the Roman Colliseum, their biggest fans were aristocratic women who collected and wore their sweat as perfume! But really, the fact that you can win money betting is enough reason why women should bet on the NFL!

And, contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to be ‘’one of the boys’’ to enjoy football and the NFL. As now you can bet online and follow all games from the comfort of your home, you can organize this activity in any way you like. It can be a solitary time to lay back and just enjoy the game or a party event where you can call all of your friends to eat pizza and cheer your team together.

Girls Welcome

In some cases, you will want to be surrounded by people when watching football and what better weekend than Super Bowl weekend!. This community could be one of your design, so you can create a small gathering at home or at a friend’s house. But, sometimes you might want to go to a sports bar or some other place where the game is being broadcasted. It is true that these are male-dominated areas, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Women are more than welcome at these events. What is not appreciated is distracting people from the game, and you are not interested in that either as you could have money on that game.

Betting on football is fun, and it brings many thrills and loads of excitement on its own. But, if you are in the market of finding good quality entertainment then sports bars are one of the better places to start that search. Especially those who LGBTQ+ friendly and have inclusive parties for everybody.


How to Bet Online?

Betting online has now become the most popular way of sports betting. The main reason for this is the ease you can make a bet and the good odds that can be found online. The only thing you need to make a bet is to have a smartphone and internet connection. Go to your favorite betting website, log in, and select the game you want to bet on. The pure act of online sports betting is very easy, and the only thing making it difficult sometimes is the number of football games available each day.

Once you’re familiar with the website, it will be much easier to know how to find the football game you are looking for, as there are filters you can use to select only the Super Bowl game, or just the NFL, or NCAA college football games, basically anything you like.


The Basics for NFL Noobs

The rules of football become clear quite quickly as soon as you watch a couple of games. That being said, there are a few things anyone should know before the start watching their first game, and especially before they place their first bet.

  1. The game lasts for 60 minutes, played in two halftimes of 30 minutes each. This is not including timeouts, of which each team gets three per halftime, and which last 60 seconds each.
  2. The goal of the game is to score more points than the other side. The best way to do this is to bring the ball to the opponent’s end zone. This can be done either by a touchdown, that brings six points or with a goal kick that bring three points.
  3. The offensive team gets four chances to carry the ball at least 10 yards. If they are successful, they get another four chances, until they fail or get a touchdown. If they fail, the ball is given to the other team.
  4. All NFL teams have an offensive and a defensive group, charged at different tasks.
  5. While the NFL has a lot of stars, avid sports bettors will pay more attention to teamwork and cooperation than on the individuals.

What Can You expect from Super Bowl 2019?

It is quite possible that Tom Brady is one of the most recognizable faces in football today, and that is not just because he is a very handsome man. By football standards, Brady is not a spring chicken, and it shows, but he is smart, focused, and dedicated to the team, and that is what counts.

For the title of the American Football Conference champion, the New England Patriots won against the Los Angeles Chargers 41-28, and what a game it was. The Patriots showed that experience is very important when going to the top, and even though the lost the title of NFL champions of 2018 to the Philadelphia Eagles, they have done very well in that game.

For the LIII (53rd) Super Bowl that will start on February 3rd, 2019, The kickoff will be a 6:30 p.m. ET and there is already something to expect from the coming matches. The Patriots, with Brady still on the quarterback position, will try for their sixth title since Bill Belichick has become the general manager of the New England team. On the other side, there will be the LA Rams, with Jared Goff eager to take that sixth title away from Brady’s hands.

The best bet: go with your gut!


Why Do You Need to Watch?

Every woman, girl, and female-presenting individual should watch this game if they have a love of sport, as there is nothing better than watching strong, muscular athletes, struggling to win you money on the gridiron. Regardless if you are betting on the Patriots or the Rams, you’re invested and you’ll simply enjoy it more!

  1. It’s Fun

Watching football is fun. It is exciting to observe how the game plays out and wondering who will win. There is a small chance of a one-sided match at this point, making entertainment a guarantee for this Super Bowl LIII.

  1. Reason for a Party

There is no better, and more socially acceptable reason to make nachos and bring out cold beer or wine than the Super Bowl. Even your girlfriends that don’t follow football will want to see this and probably make their own post-game commentary. In the least, the half-time show and commercials should be a draw.

  1. Win a Bit of Money

Last but not least, winning money on a good bet is one of the most fulfilling things in the world. It is like finding lost cash in a long forgotten pair of pants that you can fit into once again.


Bet Responsibly

Always remember that betting on football, same as watching football, should be entertainment. Bet amount that you would give on a show and make sure that the games are always fun and exciting, but never stressful.

Make your SuperBowl evenings a relaxing event, for both yourself and your friends. And, if you win, treat yourself to something nice. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Brady on the screen, right?



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