Top 5 Reasons to Bet on the NHL as a Gay Man

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Top 5 Reasons to Bet on the NHL as a Gay Man

To be honest, there are many reasons why anyone would watch and bet on NHL regardless of having a membership card in the LGBTQ+ community. But, when a bettor and fan is a gay man it can give you all kinds of advantages if you want to bet on the NHL, not all of them evident at first glance. Even without generalizing there are some things in the male behavior and in male relationships regardless of sexual orientation, that just sparks the volatile mixture of competition, money-making, and among some friendly violence.

While it would arguably be better if all of us could be major professional sports superstars to join in on the thrill, that is not as easily achievable and more like a pipe-dream. But betting on hockey is easy, affordable, flexible, and above all fun. It is also an activity that brings all kinds of people together.

It’s just damn exciting watching a team you’ve followed for the whole season win, but it is a true bond that develops over hating on that one player that didn’t score enough points or a goalie who let an easy one in.


How to Bet Online?

Betting online is the easiest way to wager, regardless of the hockey league. You can be anywhere in the world and just as easily place your bets on Canadian teams as you would on American, or Swedish, or Polish, or Russian.

You don’t actually need to know a lot about Hockey to win your bet, as games are truly unpredictable. If you know your team, all the better, as you will have someone to root for. If not, pick a team from your current place of residence, or your home city. Check the odds online and see who is the favorite and who is the underdog team. Once you know that, wager a sum that you don’t mind losing. Honestly, five bucks bring in the same thrill as a grand, without the upcoming dread.


Learning about the NHL

Learning about the NHL, or any other major league for that matter, is quite easy. Most major cities have their own home team, and most teams play better at home than they do as guests. Additionally, you will always have a history of how many goals has each side scored in prior games this year, their average, as well as their success against the team they are playing against now.

Thankfully, all betting websites will be more than accommodate gay hockey betting and provide you with information about the odds, history, as well as the running league games and championships. Additionally, there will be players rosters and their individual accomplishments. This will let you know if the team’s star player is playing their next game, is he injured, or just getting a little bit of rest.



Why should you Bet on the NHL? 

Again, there are multiple reasons why anyone would want to bet on the NHL, but there are some things that mostly gay men will find advantageous. These are some aspects that most of us haven’t realized in the past, including many gay men who like sports and are competitive in this regard.

Also, while some aspects look like simple translations from the straight man’s playbook, there is a significant difference. Namely, we do not need to follow sports and competitions despite our partners but can make this an awesome joint activity that everyone will enjoy.

  1. It’s Fun!

First and foremost, betting on the NHL is fun. The pure experience of watching the game with the feeling that something is on the line is enough to get the juices flowing. At first, this feeling has most to do with the money you have waged on an online bet, but as times progress and you learn about the teams, the players, and the various offensive and defensive tactics, it stats to be more about the game and the community than about the cash.

The fun factor is even bigger if you can watch the games in good company. If you can get s few friends, maybe a boyfriend, or even your family to watch the game with you, it will be even more fun than live tweeting about the game, which is a thing.

  1. It’s Flexible

You can bet from any place on the planet that has an internet connection. Likewise, you can view almost all games online. These two facts mean that you can organize your game viewing at any time and in any place depending on your wishes.

While some might think that betting on hockey only comes with beer and nachos, dressed in a jersey and with your face painted, it is perfectly fine to watch events from your living room sofa, and with a nice bottle of wine.

  1. It’s an Easy Group Activity

Unlike most group activities, betting on hockey and watching the game scales perfectly. It makes little difference if you are watching the game alone or with a friend, or if twenty people have gathered at a small house party.

It is true that the more people you house, the more snacks you will need, but this also means that your party will become a tad more respectable. If you have a tight group of friends, watching hockey can even become a weekly tradition, changing venues every time.

  1. It’s Kinda Hot

To omit this point from the list would be to lie shamelessly. While there are some sports, like basketball, where the outfits are more revealing, few sports have such an exhibition of masculinity as hockey. There is something magical in watching a 6’8” 250lbs Russian, being all graceful on ice skates and then pound an opponent into the boards.

You will often hear that straight guys have their favorite players, their idols. You will instantly know the feeling, because it is called a crush, and there is a good chance that you will get those a lot.

  1. It Can Bring You Money

Aside from the thrill of watching burly guys compete for your entertainment, these athletes will also play for your money. Watching your team win in the playoffs in any major league is only improved if it means that you will get your bet back with a nice multiplier.

It is true that fans cheer for their team regardless of the match up, but there is nothing in hockey culture that says that you can’t follow the odds to beat the spread. This way, you can follow hockey all year round, even if your favorite hockey player is not on the rink.


Bet Responsibly

Although betting online is not as dangerous as staying in a casino, the endorphin you will get from betting is addictive, and some precautionary measures should be made to bet safe.

Primarily, never bet the money you can’t stand to lose. Online betting should be entertainment, so never give more than you would for entertainment.

Second, don’t follow through. Wins are wins, and you should treat them like money you have lost in your other pants and found after a while. Don’t try to earn from betting, just go with the flow.

Finally, it should always be fun. If you are stressing about a bet, just don’t make it. Don’t ruin your game with needless stress. Take everything in good fun, and you will have many games to follow, bet on, and become enchanted by a loving and accepting hockey culture, and a prominent LGBTQ+ community within it.


A crazy hockey fan who was tired of all the hegemonic and male-centric views being proliferated in sports news, with almost no media outlets offering an alternative or queer perspective, I decided it was time to prove my love for hockey. So I created a site that was inclusive, and made a space for all voices, where hockey fans despite their background or identity, could enjoy the majestic sport freely, without bias or judgment. And get in a bet or two...

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