Women’s Hockey is the Best Betting Market for Lesbians

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February 16, 2019
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Women’s Hockey is the Best Betting Market for Lesbians

Team USA forward Meghan Duggan

Finding the simple joys in life is not easy for anyone with so much distraction and demands put on ourselves. But, if you’re also a lesbian you have the added societal pressures of being a woman and being into women. It’s just another way become marginalized and makes fitting in tougher without falling into cliches. Being a sports fan has had it pitfalls for straight girls, let alone lesbians and queer folk. Now, many lesbians simply adapt to the straight girl’s playbook and learn how to blend in even before coming out. What many ladies don’t understand is that there are many things you might wants to adopt from male bettors and fans, with a couple of adaptations. And the place where lesbians are most accepted in sports is women’s hockey! The reason being it is both one of the best viewing experiences for straight fans and lesbians alike, but it’s the best betting market because its a sports for women about women that showcase their sheer talent.

How is Woman’s Hockey Different?

On the outside, especially for novices, men’s and women’s hockey seem about the same. But, if you watch closely, you will see a significant difference. Women are more agile, more creative, and visibly feistier than their male counterparts and there is no hard-hitting so it’s a pure skill game.

As with every team sport, you will see good teamwork and assistance in play. The difference is that, in women’s hockey, there are fewer loners and sole star players. The girls that play both in the NWHL and the CWHL are all very strong, so there is little emphasis on physical strength. Teamwork and cooperation are what makes champions, and it is a delight to see women working together so well.

Where is our Edge?

While it is often an enticing thought to peek into the locker room of these fine, accomplished athletes, we don’t actually need to do that to know how well they will work together. Not to mention that women’s hockey has one of the largest concentrations of openly lesbian women out there in professional sport, meaning that you will often be more than adequately familiar with their mindset when they play and should be able to read the plays and dynamics well. Combine this with a little bit of research and a very forthcoming betting market, and you have yourself an edge when betting. Especially over men!

Additionally, if you don’t mind a bit of social media surfing, you can find a lot about how the players are feeling, which can influence their daily drive and team dynamic.

As they say, knowledge is power, and from this position, we can access a lot of knowledge about women’s hockey with little effort and easy insight. Also, we can have a lot of fun and make a little bit of money on the side. What’s better?

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Reasons why Woman’s Hockey is the Best Betting Market for Lesbians

There are probably many more reasons why watching and betting on, women’s ice hockey is one of the best entertainment solutions for lesbians, but these four are the main ones. It is true that some of them would apply to anyone regardless of the sexual orientation, but in these cases, the big L gives us a significant advantage when it comes to actually winning bets.

It is important to remember that betting is not only reserved for fans and that the hockey community, in general, is very open and easy to get into. Additionally, after following the games, the athletes, and the league, you will quite likely become a fan yourself. Sometimes of a particular team, other times of a specific player.

It’s Fun

Not only is fun the primary reason why everyone should watch women’s hockey and bet on it, but it should also stay the primary reason. Never do any activity that isn’t fun, unless it is for survival. Watching players help their team win match after match, during the whole season is not only exciting from a competitive and sporting perspective but as a drama as well. Additionally, betting on the games will make you even more invested and share in the trials and tribulations of the team you are cheering on.

And, while hockey gear may be bulky, there is something about the strong, fit, and toned athletes underneath making the whole ordeal very, very, enticing to watch.

It’s Intuitive

Although betting websites will give you more than enough information about various statistics, intuition is key when making a bet. Maybe you have seen something on social media from the athlete that you know will make them perform better or worse, or there might be a conflict in the team you plan to bet against.

It is a good plan to follow your gut when it comes to betting on professional sports, and that is what makes the whole thing even more fun.

It’s Communal

Unlike many other activities, watching woman’s hockey on the TV doesn’t require as much concentration. Because of that, it is possible to make this experience look any way you want. There is no such thing as ‘’hockey betting dinner etiquette’’, and any activity that you can do in your pajamas is a good activity.

Home with a can of beer and a slice? Good.

With friends, eating nachos and white wine? Just as good.

Finally, it is more than possible to get your girlfriend to watch with you. In this case, side bets are allowed, and there are no limits.

You can Win some Money

Money should never be the main reason why you are doing anything, but it is a good way to quantify your luck. Winning money because you made a good bet is an awesome experience, and the feel is like finding some cash is a purse you haven’t opened for a while.

Also, there is the simple thrill of winning. The serotonin pumped into your brain because you know you made a good guess and are now rewarded for it will make you happy, and more secure in your other choices where you had even more information.

Bet Responsibly

Being involved in sports and sporting events is great, and it can bring you joy and happiness, as well as some cash. But, as with all good things, moderation is crucial. Sports betting online should be entertainment, and you should always bet as much money as you would give for said entertainment. While woman’s hockey is the best betting market for lesbians, you should always see it as a fun activity that you can do whenever you want, and not as something you must follow.

Playing hockey, watching hockey, and betting on hockey is all fun, and they should stay fun, exciting, and fulfilling.


A crazy hockey fan who was tired of all the hegemonic and male-centric views being proliferated in sports news, with almost no media outlets offering an alternative or queer perspective, I decided it was time to prove my love for hockey. So I created a site that was inclusive, and made a space for all voices, where hockey fans despite their background or identity, could enjoy the majestic sport freely, without bias or judgment. And get in a bet or two...

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