Best Bets – Round One of the 2018/19 NHL Playoffs

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Best Bets – Round One of the 2018/19 NHL Playoffs

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The round one NHL playoff action has been so damn good, we forgot to post our pre-playoffs best bets, but actually it’s kind of worked out because there were such huge surprises (yes Columbus, I’m looking at you!), that it’s good we didn’t lose any money! Now it’s time to look closely at how these match ups are evolving and put down a few prop bets and bet individually on games, that should line our pockets to spend on some tail-gating supplies!

We’ll look at the Eastern Conference today, and bring you the lowdown on the Western, tomorrow.


Toronto vs. Boston – TOR leads series 2-1

This is a tough one since these two teams are matched up pretty well and the play is so tight, that game to game it’s a nail-biter to see who shows up. With one player already suspended for rough neck shenanigans, this series oscillates between speed and physical punishment. With great centers and solid goaltending, any game can go any way, but Toronto has the speed on this one, and you can only battle and grind it out for so long for the Bruins start showing the wear and tear. And that’s why we’re choosing the Leafs.

Pick: Leafs in 6

Next game: Leafs win, 6 under goals


Columbus vs. Tampa Bay – CBJ leads series 3-0

No one would have picked this team to have won even one game, and here they are, Tortorella’s Cinderella team, taking down the league giant! Tampa Bay had 62 wins. Now think about that for a second. They couldn’t win one game so far. And yes, Hedman has been out and Kucherov was suspended one game, but how the hell have they not won one match? Definitely take the Blue Jackets in this series but it could go to six since the Lightning need to make a match out of this to save face. President Trophy’s curse anyone?

Pick: Columbus in 6

Next game: Lightning win, 6 plus goals


New York vs. Pittsburgh – NYC leads series 3-0

Who would have though Sidney Crosby and his crew of merry men would not win one game against the Islanders? After losing their top player and captain, Tavares to Toronto, many thought there would be a huge hole in the offence, but coach and Cup winner, Trotz, straightened out their defence and GM Lamoriello made all the right deals to make this team a solid unit that play selflessly. Crosby probably has one good game before they fizzle out, but it’ll definitely not go beyond 5.

Pick: New York in 5

Next game: Penguins win, under 6 goals


Washington vs. Carolina – WSH leads series 2-1

The former Cup champions want another run and look healthy and revving to go, but it won’t be so easy against a Carolina team who has a lot of heart and upcoming talent, despite losing the first two games on the road. Now at home, they’ve won their first and tasted blood, with even the youngest player,┬áSvechnikov, looking for a fight with the Great 8. With that kind of passion surging, this Carolina team should bounce back and be the second best feel-good story of the East. They should quietly get into the next round after blowing away the champs and proving that not only are the Hurricanes in the playoffs after such a long drought, but they’re in it, to win it.

Pick: Carolina in 7

Next game: Carolina wins, 6 plus goals



There you have it folks!

Make your wagers and enjoy the first round, which is full of surprises, crazy upsets and awesome bets!




Mona is an hockey-obsessed superfan, who believes that hockey is for everyone and that people from all walks of life, from differing nationalities, ethnicities, and sexualities should have a safe and fun place to talk hockey and sports, make a bet or two. Hopefully, every minority not represented by or spoken to in the mainstream can feel like their voice is also being heard here!

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