From Dog Days of Summer…to Upcoming Hockey Season!

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May 31, 2019
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August 1, 2019

From Dog Days of Summer…to Upcoming Hockey Season!

Hey everyone! Lady Puck took a long vacation right after the Stanley Cup finals, and is back to start preparing for the new hockey season and training camp which is less than 2 months away. Starting in the st2019-2020 season, we’ll be putting more insight and efforts into our site. You’ll benefit daily from hockey analysis with an LGBTQ+ perspective,  plus more Best Bets which should add some spice to your hockey fandom and viewing experience.

We can’t lie, but we’re so happy that the Boston Bruins lost in the finals, it was so much more satisfying and music to our ears to see the magical St. Louis Blues, avenge their 52-year simmering final loss, and beat the Bruins at just what they are best at; agitation. The Blues fought hard and with style, and though they couldn’t close it out at home, it was so nice to watch all those Bruins fans sulking as Blues captain, Alexander Pietrangelo hoists the cup overhead.

They were literally in last place on January 3 2019, and they turned it around and won the cup. What does that tell us? That anything can happen! And any bet can win, which is why we’re looking forward to taking a closer look this year, and monitoring daily developments and trends, so we can give you insight on the best bet.

Keep an eye out this Fall for us gearing back up, enjoy your summer, and come back ready to have some serious fun and party like we’re in St. Louis!


If you feel like reliving the final like we just did, be our guest:




Mona is an hockey-obsessed superfan, who believes that hockey is for everyone and that people from all walks of life, from differing nationalities, ethnicities, and sexualities should have a safe and fun place to talk hockey and sports, make a bet or two. Hopefully, every minority not represented by or spoken to in the mainstream can feel like their voice is also being heard here!

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